Admitted, it's been quite some time since I have had a good opportunity to commit new features to the site.

As you probably know from your own life, time is not always as abundant as you might like. When you're a kid in school you think; "When I grow up and don't have to do my homework everyday, I'll have all this amazing spare time on my hands ...". Well, life will hit you right in the face :-)

That said, and even though family, friends, and my day-job require precious time, the creative spark is always lurking in the back of my head.

I get continuous (mostly) positive feedback on the ColorExplorer site and that really trigger my urge to work more on the site. To all of those, who have sent me ideas and suggestions throughout the years, I am truly grateful. I just love the fact that users all over the world use and like some work, that I basically did just for the fun of it. I love, that each day thousands of users visit my website and use it to their benefits - to make their work easier - in the end allowing them to have more time to explore the things they truly want.

At least that is my perception :-)

Now, that the colder and darker nights of autumn and winter approach, and the sunny outdoors and warm nights BBQ'ing won't allocate so much of my time, I strive to get back exploring the possibilities of ColorExplorer. My immediate plan is to fulfill as many of the feature request I have received from the user-base over time, but also to add in even more of my own innovative ideas.

The point here is; neither you or I should stop exploring ideas and concepts, "just" because other things take up your time. Find ways to get the tedious work done more efficient and fast - but do not compromise quality! - in the end, that will leave you time to explore the things you really want to.

Exploring is what bring out the joy of life itself!