September 14th

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As the headline states, Sunday September 14th will be a very important day in the life of my ColorExplorer project.

At 15:00 (CET) the site will be officially launched and open to everyone.

There are still some tweaking to be done, some bugs to be fixed, and some features to be fine-tuned. However, this deadline is as much for myself to really focus on finishing up things and get the site "live".

As with all software there are always features and tweaks that do not make it to the first release. That's probably also the case with ColorExporer, but I really do believe that even at version 1.0 this site will be indeed very useful and unique in its feature set.

No doubt, the next few weeks prior to launch will be quite hectic but I am now really anxious to get ColorExplorer "out there" and I sincerely hope that you will be there when we go live!

Private beta running

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Yes, the private beta stage has begun! A select group of users have been invited to try out and test the features of ColorExplorer.

There is still work going on polishing the user interface and tweaking the features, but I expect to announce the launch date within the next few days. Right now, I am looking at a day somewhere in the very early September.

As usual with my project, new ideas keep popping up, but at this moment focus is on getting a fully functional (and more or less bug free) version online.

Stay tuned for launch date!

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